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Traditional clothes:

We care about our favorite travelers who apply to our company for tours and rent a car in Kyrgyzstan and therefore our team have created an article about Kyrgyz traditional clothes so that you can get an idea of them. In order to find out about tours with Bishkek car rent service in Kyrgyzstan, tourists should contact our managers and they will tell you everything. Kyrgyz traditional clothes are one of the most interesting topics for discussion among travelers. Note that during the tour, many tourists rent a car and try to delve into the history of studying Kyrgyz traditional clothes, history, etc. through communication with local residents. If it comes to the topic of traditional clothes, then we all understand that they play a huge role in our life and also show the character and way of life of the people. For example, we can say that for about 700 years Kyrgyz traditional clothes have remained unique and tell that the Kyrgyz were originally nomads. Therefore, such Kyrgyz traditional clothes gave a feeling of comfort to the nomads who roamed among the mountains. On the tour with Bishkek car rent service in Kyrgyzstan a hope to see modern Kyrgyz dressed in traditional Kyrgyz clothes on ordinary days is wrong, but on holidays, it is quite possible to see such people on the main square. On the other hand, there is Bishkek car rent service, using that travelers can visit the museums of the country where exhibitions of traditional clothes are held. If you study Kyrgyz traditional clothes during the tour, you will understand that the men wore jarq shym, kandagay, chalbar trousers, Chokoy and Charyk shoes and tebetey, kalpak and malakai hats. A coat called "Ichik" was intended for both men and women. Kyrgyz women wore swing-up skirts. Then young Kyrgyz girls adorned their headdresses with bird feathers, with various traditional adornments, pearls and precious stones, and wore a chiptama jacket. Rent a car and have an idea about Kyrgyz traditional clothes by means of the travel tour.