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Peak Pobeda:

Kyrgyzstan is well-known for the most elevated peaks. On this tour you will be told about Pobeda. At a height of 7439m, it outskirts with China and turned into the most eminent peaks of Soviet Union previously. Travelers in Kyrgyzstan are worry in the destinations close to the uppermost point of the mountain on tours. On the off chance that you rent a car, you can see the Zvezdochka glacier, from Chinese part, it is called Tomur Peak who elucidated it was the peak of Khan Tengri Peak. These peaks were called Khan Tengri. To remembrance the triumph in World War II, the mountain called Pobeda. Some climbers made some vaults. We can say, the most activities went to be desperate because of the climate. We put together the administration of car rent in our organization with the end goal for you to be an individual who like to explore brilliant sites on Kyrgyzstan tours.